Criminal Minds

Released: August, 2006
Format: CD
Tracks: 10 songs

1. Destroy!
2. Fuck Your Rules!
3. Talk is Poison
4. We Destroy the Red Dream
5. Kill Your Television
6. We Are Criminal Minds
7. Use Your Fists
8. Go, No Slow!
9. Fuck You!
10. Criminal Minds

5.00 USD

Criminal Minds is Fanzui Xiangfa’s debut release from their original line-up. Clocking in at under ten minutes, this CDr captures ten tracks of fast and angry political hardcore. Including members from Last Chance of Youth (Beijing), Si Dou Le (Wuhan) and DS-13 (Sweden), Fanzui Xiangfa created a manifesto for DIY rock at a time when their Chinese peers were becoming increasingly interested in corporate sponsorship and label deals. The international make-up of the band also allowed them to focus not only on issues inside China but to tackle problems of nationalism and injustice wherever they arise. All songs lyrics are in Chinese with English explanations.

Kuang Ma – Drums / Vocals
Ni Fan – Guitar / Vocals
Mao Bing – Bass / Vocals
Chong Zhuang – Guitar
Sha Dan – Lead Vocals

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