Generation Six

Flyx / Rustic / Birdstriking / Old Fashion

Released: 2010
Format: CD
Tracks: 12 songs


1. Intro / Living In The World Of Fallacy
2. Girls Are Not Yours
3. Modern Love


4. Monkey & Snake
5. 儿子
6. 枪决


7. Free Soul
8. I Don’t Care
9. Many Ways


10. Party Queen
11. Microwave
12. Discotraveler

$10.00 USD

Generation Six, released by Maybe Mars, documents four young stars from the Beijing scene. It serves as a document for a certain time, 2009, and a certain place, Beijing. It has also helped to gain attention for a new crop of bands who have since gone on to make names for themselves both nationally and internationally.

Mixed, Mastered, Engineered & Produced by Fredrik Lyxzen
Recorded at Nice Tune Studio, Beijing CHINA
Mixed and Mastered at Parasite Studio, Umea SWEDEN

Released by