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If you’ve been checking out our site recently I’m sure you’re now well aware, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are releasing their first long player A Million Farewells in November. A Million Farewells is a concise full­length chock­full of wooly, dreamy, delicate, white­knuckled shoegaze imbued modern hymns.

The great LP is equally matched with stunning cover art designed by Australian artist, Elizabeth Brain. The Fine Arts student specializes in collages and illustrations, her unique style and use of colour makes for a striking LP cover. Recently we had the chance to speak with Elizabeth to get to know a little bit about her artistic process, and about some of her recent projects.



Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes Band 01

In anticipation of the release of our newest and ever expanding cavalcade of full length 12” records, in this case, A Million Farewells, by Tom Cruise And Katie Holmes, we sat down (at our respective computers) and had a little conversation with the ever affable Xiao Zhong regarding his band’s new indie centric, quasi-shoegazey album, the status of the outfit in general and filming videos of one’s cat frollicking about a maternal backyard. The results are, we’d like to think, as highly readable as the album itself is listenable, but that would probably be stretching it a little. Actually, that’d be total bullshit. A Million Farewells is a true indie rock classic, in our books, at least, and one you should be on the lookout for on November 13th, but until then, we’ll let Xiao Zhong wet your musical appetite a bit in the form of the below Q&A session. Enjoy!



Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes   "A Million Farewells" LP

In our endless quest to work with bands who are basically impossible to Google, we would like to cordially re-re-introduce you to Tom Cruise And Katie Holmes, whose debut long player, A Million Farewells, just happens to be available for pre order right this very second (China / Australia / US)! As keen readers of this here blog will hopefully recall, Genjing threw Tom & Katie’s eponymous 7” “Ni Bu Ai Wo” out into the wilds a little while back, as well. A Million Farewells is a, pardon the expression, million miles from the recordings Xiao Zhong and Sharon Cee-Q first handed us back in the day, as a duo. Don’t get the wrong impression, we’re not throwing shade on our own wares here, folks – those jams are fantastic in their own right, just a whole different ball of wax than the newbie. This visage of Tom Cruise And Katie Holmes is a fully formed unit who’ve delivered an album as stunning as it is challengingly pleasant. Somehow coaxing astonishingly strong production out of seemingly thin air, the band managed to create a long player that has a true flavor of its own, which is quite a feat in today’s musical climate. Don’t miss out, pre-order your copy today!


Fanzui Xiangfa & Bad Nerve China Tour!

This October Beijing’s fast-core legends Fanzui Xiangfa and Umeå, Sweden’s indomitable 80’s punks Bad Nerve, join forces for a mini-tour of China. The tour coincides with the celebration of Fanzui Xiangfa’s ten year anniversary. This band is no stranger to vinyl collectors and devotees of China’s underground, many of whom have eagerly awaited and promptly snapped up a steady stream of 7” singles from the band over the past decade. This tour gives vinyl collectors another reason to sweat; Fanzui Xiangfa will be offering their complete, collected, and career-spanning 24-track discography on CD and vinyl LP available from our shop!

This joint tour was conceived out of a Scandinavian tour and a split 7” release for the two bands in 2014. Bad Nerve now bring their energetic brand of noisy hardcore punk to the Middle Kingdom for the first time and they’re poised to destroy stages across China with the support of friends and local acts from every dark corner of the country’s DIY underground. Don’t miss your rare chance to see these two bands performing together and “Go, No Slow!”

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No good band is created in a single day – well, some are; very, very few, but anyway…each group experiences the ups and downs of development. MeToo is no different. Founded in 2007, the band has been at it for eight sordid years; countless shifts in practice spaces as well as personnel and the general, problematic whatnots of being a band on the rise in China. For a bit more perspective on all of the aforementioned development and strife that goes into being a seasoned artisanal unit, let’s take a photographic look back at the history of this incredibly resilient band, who borderline improbably, considering their lineage within the scope of the scene, just released their first piece of proper physical material, like, full stop.



MeToo "Frankenstein" Release

No reason to be scared here, folks. This is the frighteningly rad kind of (musical) Frankenstein we’re on about, sorta like Mel Brook’s take on everyone’s favorite lime green monster, rather than Mary Shelley’s – only not funny by any stretch (though definitely fun), quite cinematic at points and highly, highly listenable. Beijing’s MeToo have most definitely pulled out the stops on this 7” single which we here at Genjing are thrilled to be releasing. You can grab this glitchy piece of melodic alt-pop on wax directly with us via our shop or from Far Out Distant Sounds in the US where there are many other Sino-centric vinyl wares you’ll probably want to have a gander at as well. If you’re in Beijing, be sure not to miss Me Too’s official release show this coming Sunday, September 20, at School Bar. Be extra sure not to sleep on this one, Beijingers. It’s gonna be a dandy.



Let’s cut to the chase here, Beijing duo, After Argument’s This Is Not Your Game is a whopper of an LP. As stated before, we don’t have favorites from our catalog, per say, but this one most certainly gets a lot of spins around the office and for good reason. It’s badass, repetitious (in a good way) faultless post-punk experimentalism. Perhaps we’re a smidge bias, but it honestly might well be one of the best guitar/drums records to make it’s way out of the PRC. Part of the allure of the album is the provocative image which adorns its cover: a photo of a (presumably) insecure child hiding behind a curtain door. It’s a photograph one can’t help but study over and over whilst the 12” does its 33RPM thing atop a turntable.

The photographer who took the shot was none other than Brazilian, Tanara Stuermer, an art history graduate who focused on the arrival of photography in Brazil in 19th century during her school days. Post university, Tanara began to roam the streets and alleyways of New York, then cities around Europe, documenting the world in her own way. From her black and white photos, you can feel a sense of inexplicable melancholy hiding beneath the surface of her subject matter. It’s a feeling that is not obvious but is always present. An overt study in subtlety, if you will.

Recently, we had a chance to speak with Tanara about all manner of stuff, including, naturally the After Argument album which drew her to our attention.




If you’ve been hanging out here in our little corner of the interwebs, you’ve most likely noticed that Genjing is gearing up to drop Beijing alt rockers MeToo’s first ever physical release in the form of 7” vinyl. It’s called Frankenstein and it most certainly lives up to it’s name. As the band have a lot going on at the moment, including an upcoming, not to miss, record release party on September 20th at School Bar – we figured it best we check in with their vocalist, Lu Zi, who was gracious enough to take on our barrage of MeToo-centric quandaries. We’ll leave it to Lu Zi to explain everything after the jump.


The Yours: Move On, My Valley Kids!

The Yours

The night of July 4th left an indelible mark on the history of Beijing’s music scene with the closing of experimental venue XP. As an eyewitness, Genjing was especially impressed by the energetic live performance of The Yours, a noise rock band from Hong Kong, who are now an important force for Maybe Mars. They really enliven Beijing’s live music scene. For those who are well-acquainted with the band, the Yours’ music has always been a leading force of modern youth culture. Sneaking behind the powerful noise sound wall, their meaningful lyrics entwine with wonderful melodies and arrangements, together giving out an echo of teenage scream. After the show, Genjing tracked down the vocal and guitarist of the band, Jack, to talk a little bit about the story of the Yours.

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The Yours "Public Eye" 7"

If Genjing were in the business of manufacturing greeting cards, we’d most certainly have sent one to our hands down favorite Hong Kong three-piece, The Yours, stating something to the effect of, “Happy Record Release Day, Dudes!” Alas, we do not manufacture greeting cards, playable flexi-disc post cards we’ve been known to dabble in, yes, but greeting cards, not so much. That said, as you may well have inferred from the tone of this post, we’re pretty much absurdly thrilled to belatedly announce the immediate release of The Yours latest 45RPM slice of pure, unadulterated indie rock. The Public Eye b/w Purple 7″, which you’re more than welcome to try on for size after the jump, is pretty much everything you’re looking for if you dig melodious tunes cloaked in reverb drenched tsunamis of distortion a’la many a C86 band circa an arguably, less musically convoluted time better known as the 1990s. Indeed, some may throw a revivalist tag on the meticulously loose cacophony of sound these gentlemen have been cultivating for some years down in the former British colony they call home, but in reality, this batch of new material on the band’s part marks a logical evolution in the impossibly catchy batches of sonic abrasion The Yours have been honing since their inception. Limited to 500 copies, we strongly believe that it would be in your best interest to head over to our shop and grab one of these jolly green slabs up before…yeah, yeah – you know the limited edition sales pitch. If you prefer to pick up your vinyl in personable hand to hand exchanges with actual human beings at merch booths (and happen to be in Beijing on July 4th), The Yours are slated to play alongside White+ and The Fuzz on what will in effect be the final ever bill over at XP, a venue which is soon to be a very important footnote in the minds of those close to the underground, experimental scene here in the nation’s capital. Don’t miss out!