The Yours: Move On, My Valley Kids!

The Yours

The night of July 4th left an indelible mark on the history of Beijing’s music scene with the closing of experimental venue XP. As an eyewitness, Genjing was especially impressed by the energetic live performance of The Yours, a noise rock band from Hong Kong, who are now an important force for Maybe Mars. They really enliven Beijing’s live music scene. For those who are well-acquainted with the band, the Yours’ music has always been a leading force of modern youth culture. Sneaking behind the powerful noise sound wall, their meaningful lyrics entwine with wonderful melodies and arrangements, together giving out an echo of teenage scream. After the show, Genjing tracked down the vocal and guitarist of the band, Jack, to talk a little bit about the story of the Yours.

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The Yours "Public Eye" 7"

If Genjing were in the business of manufacturing greeting cards, we’d most certainly have sent one to our hands down favorite Hong Kong three-piece, The Yours, stating something to the effect of, “Happy Record Release Day, Dudes!” Alas, we do not manufacture greeting cards, playable flexi-disc post cards we’ve been known to dabble in, yes, but greeting cards, not so much. That said, as you may well have inferred from the tone of this post, we’re pretty much absurdly thrilled to belatedly announce the immediate release of The Yours latest 45RPM slice of pure, unadulterated indie rock. The Public Eye b/w Purple 7″, which you’re more than welcome to try on for size after the jump, is pretty much everything you’re looking for if you dig melodious tunes cloaked in reverb drenched tsunamis of distortion a’la many a C86 band circa an arguably, less musically convoluted time better known as the 1990s. Indeed, some may throw a revivalist tag on the meticulously loose cacophony of sound these gentlemen have been cultivating for some years down in the former British colony they call home, but in reality, this batch of new material on the band’s part marks a logical evolution in the impossibly catchy batches of sonic abrasion The Yours have been honing since their inception. Limited to 500 copies, we strongly believe that it would be in your best interest to head over to our shop and grab one of these jolly green slabs up before…yeah, yeah – you know the limited edition sales pitch. If you prefer to pick up your vinyl in personable hand to hand exchanges with actual human beings at merch booths (and happen to be in Beijing on July 4th), The Yours are slated to play alongside White+ and The Fuzz on what will in effect be the final ever bill over at XP, a venue which is soon to be a very important footnote in the minds of those close to the underground, experimental scene here in the nation’s capital. Don’t miss out!



EXAS graffiti

Roaming around on the streets of Dongcheng District, your eyes glance back and forth between the shops and the flowing crowd. The summer heat in Beijing has almost evaporated your patience and driven you crazy and bored. Suddenly, by chance, you turn your head to the right and notice something on the other side of the street. A bright splash of color on a tightly closed rolling door draws your attention and puts an end to your restless steps. “It looks like an English word”, you murmur to yourself. To get a clearer vision, you cross the non-stopping traffic to the other side and finally recognize the word, “EKSAS”.

Still you don’t give it much thought and just continue on, however, once you’ve seen it a whole new world starts to open up and you begin to notice it everywhere. It’s on the broken walls of a construction site, the high voltage box standing in the middle of the sidewalk, it’s even on the archways of a bridge. “EKSAS” is everywhere! You begin to wonder who is “EKSAS”? Who is this person whose name is written all over the city?

Then you see the cover for the new Deadly Cradle Death / The Telescopes split 7” and learn that that’s EKSAS too! While international conspiracies of noise / art terror bloom in your mind we, the street wondering insomniacs of Genjing Records, are here to provide answers. We rendezvoused with this prolific street-writer to talk about graffiti, writing in both Beijing and New York and his recent foray into cover design. Get the whole scoop and you’re own copy of the 7” after the jump.



The Fuzz

A couple of weeks back we excitedly dropped the Golden Cage 7” which contains exactly 8 minutes and 66 seconds of awesomeness in the form of new material from the Xi’an post punk outfit, The Fuzz. Heady days were those, friends. Heady days. What now? Well naturally, we figured it best to keep The Fuzz promotional train a rollin’ because that’s what we do, plus, we figured you, dear Genjing blog reader, are (hopefully) as stoked about this particular release as we are and we want to just keep on giving you more! With that said, we invite you to read through the below interview that we conducted with Peng Liu, frontman of said band in question. The interview format is one of those win-win kind of situations where we all learn a little more about The Fuzz, which is a very good thing indeed. For instance, we had no idea their first ever gig consisted of Ramones covers. How rad is that! Did you know The Fuzz are recording a new album here in Beijing, literally, right now, as you toil away on the interwebs? Even more rad, right?! Nuggets of informative information a plenty are to follow just beyond the jump.



PBR 5 Years Anniversary

If you’re not quite as proficient as you’d like with regard to deciphering Chinese characters, the above image just happens to be a flyer for a party you’re not going to want to miss out on for several terribly solid reasons. First of which, our good buddies at pangbianr are turning five years old. There’s going to be a big ‘ol Xi Yang Yang cake, a bouncy castle, a dude making at least eight different types of balloon animals, a full-on creepy clown and everything! Not really though. What there will be are live sets from a whole slew of artists we’ve either directly worked with or greatly appreciate, including Xiao Hong & Xiao Xiao Hong, Shi Lu (Hedgehog), Josh Frank (Hot & Cold), a “secret special guest band” and notably, a rare performance by experimentalist extraordinaire Yang Fan, whose debut LP just happened to drop last month, courtesy of, well, us: Genjing Records. When framed in the right light, this is kind of a belated, unofficial record release party of sorts, too. A definite double whammy if there ever was one, right?! Anyway, we’ll be there yucking it up and slinging merch, so be sure and stop by for a hello session in-between sets while you shake it to sounds of Compact Dicks, who’ll be manning the wheels of plastic ‘til the wee hours. The fun kicks off 8:30pm at the (sadly) soon to be shuttered XP tomorrow evening. That’s Wednesday, June 10th if you want to get all technical about it. If you’re in Beijing, don’t sleep on this one, folks! It’ll totally be worth the groggy feeling you may or may not experience at your place of work the following morning…


The Fuzz

As spring edges its way to a chaotic boil better known as summer, we couldn’t think of a better time to announce the immediate release of The Fuzz’s debut 7” with Genjing records! Five years and two full length releases courtesy of the House Party imprint in their rear-view; Xi’an natives, The Fuzz, are a must see/listen for post punk Sinophiles situated on either side of the Bamboo Curtain and Golden Cage b/w This Is The Feeling is just the place to start, provided you would like to work backward toward their humble origins as an angst ridden powerhouse, synth inflected quartet. Engineered and produced by Yang Haisong (Dear Eloise, After Argument) at Psychic Kong, this is the sound of a band literally operating at the height of their aural craft – taught, arpegius leads accentuated by minimal keys and a driving back-end all thrown over the top by Peng Liu’s lyrically emotive, Mandarin motives. In many ways, these tunes are like pre-completed musical jigsaw puzzles one can simply sit back and marvel at, in an auditory sense. Frighteningly inquisitive music, to put it mildly. As has become par for the course here on most all Genjing related record release blog posts, feel free to have a listen after the jump.



Deadly Cradle Death

If we were getting “industry standard real” here on the Genjing blog, we’d most definitely tell you all sorts of carefully calculated, marketing oriented mumbo-jumbo about our new split 7″. That’s going to happen post-de-facto no matter how you shake it. But, what if we got even more real and told you that, in all honesty, if you don’t head over to our shop right now you might miss out on one of the most intense, psych-imbued release we’ve ever committed to wax! That work? Okay, cool. While we’re at it, we may as well go ahead and lend a bit more background verbiage in the name of outright salesmanship: Not only will Deadly Cradle Death straight blow up your bass box, OG space rockers, The Telescopes, have sincerely delivered a long in the making piece of damaged, sonic genius all sorts of people like us music nerds here at the label have been waiting for, like, well, forever. Both of those shares alone should be reason enough to satiate your musical superego, but there’s always more…there always just is. Limited to a pressing of 500, this is not unlike one of those pewter-embossed Civil War soldiers the Franklin Mint goes off about on late night TV – a highly collectable piece of ephemera if there ever was one. Have a listen after the jump and you’ll see/hear what we’re on about. Beyond that, Deadly Cradle Death have a handful of upcoming live US engagements with the likes of Dengue Fever, Chui Wan and Birdstriking! We strongly suggest you left-coasters stock up on earplugs and make an effort to attend, if at all possible. Dates, once more, can also be found after the jump.



Rolling Bowling

Stop the digital presses! Genjing Records have gone rockabilly just in time for the dawn of summer. Okay, maybe not exclusively, but we are mighty proud to announce the worldwide release of our newest split 7″ from none other than Beijing psychobilly darlings, Rolling Bowling and Madrid’s high-octane, rockabilly-centric 13 Bats. For fans of electrified swing, punk, ska, 80’s era rockabilly and flat out Rock & Roll, consider this our (mightily hangover) birthday gift, or whatever, to you and yours. Like most everything Genjing related, this shit’s extremely limited, so you’d best bust open that piggy bank you’ve been staring at for the majority of your adult life and head over to our shop before these things go the way of the styrofoam Big Mac container. Crack open a bottle of rye, pour yourself three fingers and have a listen after the jump. Btw, we’re throwing in a free, unopened tin of Brylcreem, manufactured in 1928, with every purchase! Psych.

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We honestly couldn’t be more excited announce the immediate release of Beijing experimentalist, Yang Fan’s debut solo album, What Happened After 1,001 Nights? Recorded, performed, mixed and produced entirely at home, “1,001 Nights” is a borderline-improbably self-baked, full length documentation of a truly progressive female id literally running wild over the course of 12 tracks, which range from soothing avant-pop to the uncanny sound of feral alley cats in heat, backed by by quasi-modular, organic instrumentation. It’s the kind of record best explored after dark, prone, in a solitary bedroom, eyes closed, headphones cranked and at times, teeth clinched. We could go on forever about how highly listenable this mind leak of an album is, but for the sake of brevity, we’ll keep our auditory emotions relatively industry standard, length wise. We are a record label, after all. That said, as with most everything Genjing related, What Happened After 1,001 Nights? is a limited edition release, so we suggest that if you like what you hear (as much as we do) after the jump, go ahead and visit our shop and grab yourself up a copy, stat. We’ve got a feeling these puppies could possibly be gone before we even finish our initial press cycle. Wishful thinking? Maybe. We’re just looking out for y’all. Don’t miss out!

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Back in the dog days of 2014 we dropped, with much fanfare, Eight Horses, the newest double LP from Dalien post-rock vets Wang Wen. Now, you happy-go-lucky Europeans are in a position to behold the majestic magic™ that is the Wang Wen live experience. We strongly suggest you pull that pig tailed cousin of yours off the Swiss Miss box and drag her out to the venue/city of your choice to get her mind BLOWN! This isn’t the first time this band of musical seekers have thrown down on European soil, but it may well be your only chance to catch them in Ye Old World, this year. Check the dates after the jump, then put a big ‘ol X on your official Michael Schumacher calendar for good measure. Don’t blow it, Europe!

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