If you’ve ever perused this space, you know we sometimes like to warble on ad nausium regarding our wares and the dealings of the excellent (mostly) Chinese artists who create them. Well, after viewing this stunning piece of video with eloquent verbiage scrolling Star Wars style over seemingly endless highway clips of ‘Merica & Canadia (all shot, scribed and soundtracked by the band)…well, for once folks, we’re pretty much plum outta words. So, dim the lights, pour yourself a glass of whatever floats your proverbial boat and settle in for the ride. Jonathan and Pauline have truly turned in a mood altering juggernaut of entertainment here – not that we expected anything less from Alpine Decline or anything. Shit man, what can’t these two do?! It almost pisses us off…but, erm, not really/really. Whatever, just watch this thing, already!


Interview: Bad Nerve

Bad Nerve

As you may have noticed, our latest foray into the medium of 7″ in diameter wax platters is a split between Genjing lifers Fanzui Xiangfa and hardcore leaning, genre-bending Swedes, Bad Nerve. If that monumentous (if that isn’t a proper term, it should be) musical development has somehow flown under your radar, well, naturally, we’re here to help, folks! Both bands are literally powder kegs of manic energy that’ll make whatever sound system you’re currently rolling with wish it took a couple of Xanax. For serious. What’s more, both bands are currently drinking 3/4 of the squats and punk rock friendly hovels throughout Northern Europe out of whatever free liquid offered them: In other words, they’re currently touring together. Gejinger/Fanzui Xiangfa axe man, Nevin Domer took time away from eating pickled herring or whatever they eat over there, to interview his tour mates and the results are highly readable. These dudes go way back, share members and gots stories, people, stories I tell you! Basically, if you don’t find this interview half as interesting as we do, you’ll find a 1 kuai coin behind your left ear upon completion of reading. Okay, that part’s bullshit, but take our word for it anyway. Ain’t nothing bullshit about Bad Nerve, kids – easily one of the most under-appreciated groups of hearing loss assistants hailing from the European continent. Period.

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Bluesy horror-core troubadour Dann Gaymer (aka GUIGUISUISUI) is truly one of the busiest DIY personalities we’ve ever had the pleasure of working with here at Genjing Records. The guy plays something like 1.2 million shows throughout Asia and beyond per year and when he’s not on the road, which is like never, he’s busy jamming with what seems like half of Beijing or, more recently, recording his Genjing debut, The Court of King Necro at Psychic Kong with the one and only Yang Haisong (P.K.14, Dear Eloise, After Argument). Our very own Gerda van den Dool caught up with Dann to discuss his blues lineage, future touring plans, getting wrecked on “moonshine” in Indonesia and the difference between Dann Gaymer, King Necro and GUIGUISUISUI… amongst many, many other things. Buckle up folks, this is one hell of a read!


2 New Fanzui Xiangfa releases STREET TODAY!

Our very own Fanzui Xiangfa have not one, but two pieces of sonic ephemera that, after a bit of, ahem…teasing a week or so back, can now be yours with the click (or rather, flick) of a certain button. Hit the jump for deets:

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AV Okubo "Opium"

With physical record sales at an all time low the world over, we the mostly upstanding, quasi-entreprenurial people of Genjing Records are constantly looking for new and improved ways of ridding you, dear potential customer, of your hard earned cash. That’s (ostensibly) what decent, red blooded record labels do when it comes down to it, right?! Right. Well, during a recent, closed door brainstorming session, we figured out a sure fire way of pushing ourselves into the black for at least the remainder of the fiscal year! That’s right folks, you can now head over to our shop and purchase all of the Opium and Heroin you want! Wait a second, uhhhh, maybe I phrased that last statement incorrectly. Lemme clarify, Wuhan’s favorite genre-bending disco zombies sons, AV Okubo have hooked up with us to release a fancy-schmancy new, limited edition 7″ on kelly green and halloween orange vinyl which features a couple of tunes entitled, wait for it…Opium and Heroin. Okay, that’s better. Please retract any type of email to Interpol or the DEA or whomever that you began drafting in your head a couple of seconds ago, if you will. Thanks.

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Fanzui Xiangfa 2014 European Tour

Listen up, Europe! We know heaps about you guys. Stuff like y’all never put enough ice in drinks and run around your “villages” and “high streets” with pockets full of gigantic coins that’re actually worth real money, like…savages! SAVAGES, I say! We also know you people are a continent with savagely good ears, too…and shitloads of hardcore fans who do it right – prolly more right than anywhere else on this miserable globe, actually! We like that side of your culture quite a bit – so much so, that we’re (literally) sending one of our/China’s brightest harshest your way for a whole 18 gigs – in 18 days, naturally.


All Dinged Up, an Interview with Joe Rankin

Big Red

After dropping the the Low Bow / Dinged Up split a couple weeks back those of us here at Genjing HQ haven’t been able to stop spontaneously humming the songs and quoting snippets of the lyrics to each other. We decided it was time to touch base with the Maryland based side of the split and man behind Dinged Up, the always affable Joe Rankin. Genjing Records founder Nevin Domer called up his high school friend to to chat about house shows, analog recording and to just generally catch up on mutual friends and the scene after well over a decade away.

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Snapline "Paper General"

This post is specifically crafted, designed, dedicated (insert similar adjective) to those of you who continually email us, on what seems like a daily basis, regarding the status of Beijing’s preeminent, dark, minimalist, industrial-leaning three piece, Snapline. Yes, they have new material! Yes, Paper General b/w Wasted is now available for purchase in our shop! Yes, it is everything you want from Snapline!



Martin Crawford

Martin Crawford (aka The Craw) is the kind of DIY personality we love around here at Genjing. He skates, screen-prints and has roots the run deep with our very own GUIGUISUISUI, who’s latest 7”, The Court of Necro sports original artwork by none other than…wait for it, The Craw, himself! We dig Martin’s artwork so much, that we decided it best to investigate him a bit further in a little format known by most as an interview. As we found via J Date e-chat, The Craw is an extremely proactive, genuinely interesting dude, for a self proclaimed “moron”. Have a read below and see for yourself, why don’t ‘cha! Also, keep in mind that GUIGUISUISUI is currently out on tour promoting The Court of Necro throughout the wilds of Asia. Go see ‘em!



Low Bow

As we’re sure all of you Netizens from Harbin to Helsinki are aware, our latest 7” release, now available for your eminent listening/purchasing pleasure over in our little ‘ol shop de jour, is a split between Beijing indie noise guys, Low Bow and sludgy Baltimore melodics, Dinged Up. In celebration of this must-own disc-o-wax we gave Richard and Michael the ‘ol interview treatment – the results of which you will find below. And here I just thought Low Bow were spending all of their time figuring out how to perfectly balance each and every piece of their live setup on a single skateboard for transportation around the Gulou neighbourhood here in the Red Capitol?!? Turns out there’s quite a bit happening in the complicated little lo-fi realm these gentlemen occupy. Go figure!

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