Martin Crawford

Martin Crawford (aka The Craw) is the kind of DIY personality we love around here at Genjing. He skates, screen-prints and has roots the run deep with our very own GUIGUISUISUI, who’s latest 7”, The Court of Necro sports original artwork by none other than…wait for it, The Craw, himself! We dig Martin’s artwork so much, that we decided it best to investigate him a bit further in a little format known by most as an interview. As we found via J Date e-chat, The Craw is an extremely proactive, genuinely interesting dude, for a self proclaimed “moron”. Have a read below and see for yourself, why don’t ‘cha! Also, keep in mind that GUIGUISUISUI is currently out on tour promoting The Court of Necro throughout the wilds of Asia. Go see ‘em!



Low Bow

As we’re sure all of you Netizens from Harbin to Helsinki are aware, our latest 7” release, now available for your eminent listening/purchasing pleasure over in our little ‘ol shop de jour, is a split between Beijing indie noise guys, Low Bow and sludgy Baltimore melodics, Dinged Up. In celebration of this must-own disc-o-wax we gave Richard and Michael the ‘ol interview treatment – the results of which you will find below. And here I just thought Low Bow were spending all of their time figuring out how to perfectly balance each and every piece of their live setup on a single skateboard for transportation around the Gulou neighbourhood here in the Red Capitol?!? Turns out there’s quite a bit happening in the complicated little lo-fi realm these gentlemen occupy. Go figure!

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Low Bow / Dinged Up split 7"

Remember when you were a kid and the Black Superman showed up out of basically nowhere and wanted to throw down with OG Red & Blue Superman? Sure you do. Even then, your tiny pre-pubescent mind knew there was deep shit going down in some of those hectic, illustration heavy pages dotted with that familiar, scented ink. Well, we here at Genjing Records World HQ Beijing China kinda have a similar type thing-a-ma-jig going on here with our newest foray into the world of unleashing seven inch in diameter slabs of wax into the world at large, your home, or local record store.. One thing we know for certain, dear reader, is Beijing based, reverb-saturated, indie blues soothsayers Low Bow and Baltimore math centric sludge-poppers Dinged Up do indeed have quite a bit in common, or at least a couple of things, that is:


“The Court Of King Necro” Release Tour

GUIGUISUISUI "The Court Of King Necro" Release Tour

After completing a successful jaunt through NE China, Korea and Japan, GUIGUISUISUI and his Hydeian split personality King Necro are back on Chinese shores for a homecoming run, culminating in four big record release shows. Dann is bringing his demonic punk-blues roadshow to every tiny village and hamlet up and down the east coast in an effort to spread the gospel of his dark lord so don’t miss your chance to spazz out with him, or just stand there with your jaw on the floor, and when you recover be sure to snag a copy of “The Court Of King Necro” for your own.

Full dates below the jump…

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Sensitive Words: Interview With Tony Cheung

Sensitive Word Postcards

We’ve received heaps of praise for the cover of our recent split 7” between Beijing’s Carsick Cars and Minneapolis’ Flavor Crystals, and rightly so! The stunning original work was done by up-and-coming Guangzhou artist Sensitive Word. In order to present the man behind the pen we caught up with Tony Cheung, aka Sensitive Word, to ask about his work, life in south China and the relationship between art and music.

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Happy GUIGUISUISUI Record Release Day!

That’s right lovers of art damaged lo-fi troubadours, Beijing based one man DIY punk/blues/horror extremist GUIGUISUISUI (aka Dann Gaymer)’s latest exploration of auditory evil incarnate can now be yours courtesy of us, the mostly congenial, semi-well mannered mens and womens of Genjing Records!

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Alpine Decline North American Tour

Alpine Decline 2014 N. American Tour

Following an extremely hectic-backslash-productive jaunt through the drought stricken billabongs of Australia and a truly ambitions two-part tour of the People’s Republic of China, Beijing based, Blundertown transplants Alpine Decline are repacking-up all manner of gear once more, not to mention their year-old baby/roadie/auxiliary touring member, Roland (vox, guitar, drums, synths), and heading over to the American/Canadian left coasts in order to continue on their seemingly never ending mission to promote their most recent, critically acclaimed long player, GO SHADOW BIG CITY. If you already live in that ridiculously gorgeous part of the world, you’re lucky for gajillions of reasons (gorditas! tacos! In-N-Out! poutine!) and if not, well, it’s never not not a good idea to map out a little road trip there, or just go there to, like, “find yourself, maaan.”

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Tom Cruise Loved Katie Holmes

As spring romances burnout in the more raw, sticky heat of summer we’re excited to bring you China’s latest tribute to dying love. Shanghai-based Tom Cruise and Katie Homles channel all the hurt, self-loathing and sadness for sadness sake we demand from a “good” break-up with just the right amount of pose that comes from knowing people are watching. Just like their namesakes, and the love they represent, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, the band, was never meant to last. Xiao Zhong (Rhys), also from Pairs, will be returning to his native Australia and while they will be trying to play as many shows as possible before he leaves this fury of summer passion will not last long. Be sure to catch their release shows on June 6, at Shanghai’s YuYinTang, and June 7, at Beijing’s XP, and snag yourself a copy of “你不爱我 (You Don’t Love Me)” so, even after it’s gone, you can relive that bitter sweet pain again and again.

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Couple weeks back, right here in this very space, we dropped the (infinitely sorrowful) news that slap-dash, lo-fi duo, Pairs, were calling it quits and everybody got real bummed for like 2.8 seconds before they read further and realized that they could actually hold back the tears for a spell as the band were going out in style with a string of farewell dates, as it were.  In said post, we also mentioned that the band were doing a super secret, “FINAL SHOW” someplace deep within the recesses of their native Shanghai on the evening of May 31st – well, now we’ve got a little more information on how you and yours may be able to attend this rather exclusive, once in a lifetime function.

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Dresden hardcore lifers/Genjing alums, Sick Times, are busily duct taping their passports back together in preparation for their second jaunt through the Middle Kingdom, which kicks off right here in the Red Capital at School Bar this coming Thursday, May 1st!