Neue Musik aus China

We recently found out that Genjing Records was featured on the Hamburg-based German radio program Neue Musik aus China. While we don’t speak German, we’ve been assured that all of the angry-sounding shouting was actually complimentary. Anyway, we’ve uploaded the program here for your listening pleasure!

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Interview with Dave O’Dell

Dave and Gao Wei at Nianhua, 1997

Dave O’Dell is one of the most adamant supporters of China’s punk scene you’ll ever find. Living in Beijing from 1995 to 2003 he not only witnessed the founding of Chinese punk rock but played an integral role in its birth and early development, organizing many of the early gigs, creating the first local punk zine and even playing bass with several of the early bands. In his book Inseparable – the Memoirs of an American and the Story of Chinese Punk Rock he tells the story of his time in China intertwined with the advent of Beijing’s punk rock scene. We caught up with Dave over email to ask him about his book and what it was like in those early days.

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Duck Fight Goose on SXSW

Duck Fight Goose just returned from their inaugural trip to the US, where they played SXSW while also managing to squeeze in some exra shows in San Antonio and LA. I caught up with frontman Han Han to ask him about the trip, his impressions of the US and his advice for other bands looking to make the journey.

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Duck Fight Goose History Release Show

After playing some great shows in Austin and LA, Duck Fight Goose are back from their US tour, overweight luggage stuffed with freshly pressed copies of their new seven-inch, History. The band will play a homecoming show at YuYinTang on April 1 to present the new record, which comes free with every 40 RMB ticket. There are only 300 copies available in China, so don’t miss this chance to grab Duck Fight Goose on vinyl before it’s all gone!

Duck Fight Goose release & US Tour

Since their founding in 2009, we’ve been fans of Duck Fight Goose and long-time admirers of the members’ previous projects, Hard Queen, Boojii, Lava | Ox | Sea, and Miniless Records. In that time Duck Fight Goose have become one of Shanghai’s top bands, developing a unique mix of ambient post-rock and math-rock culminating with their widely acclaimed 2011 Maybe Mars debut Sports.

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Genjing in Shanghai

This weekend we’re riding the bullet train down to Shanghai with the Genjing Records distro in tow. Saturday March 17th we’ll be at Uptown Records with our friends Alpine Decline and Torturing Nurse. The show is free and the perfect chance to hear some great bands while browsing the stacks. If you haven’t been to Uptown Records before (or even if you have), come hang out and check out the best vinyl store in China!

JUE Market

Come meet us this Saturday, March 10, at 798 for the kickoff to this year’s JUE Festival. From 11 to 6, we’ll be sharing a table with local indie label Maybe Mars, showing off our vinyl, drinking beer and checking out acoustic performances by Ben Ben (Skip Skip Ben Ben), Lucifer (Rustic), Zo (Hedgehog) and a bunch of other local and international acts. There will also be a ton of other vendors with locally produced food, beer and handmade goods. Come check out the vinyl, listen to the music and have a drink with us. You can find more info on the JUE Festival website. Hope to see you there!

Fanzui Xiangfa 7″ repress!!!

After selling out the first pressing, the Fanzui Xiangfa 7” is back again, now on translucent red vinyl! Order your copies here.

Interview with Ingo Rohrer

Ingo Rohrer with Wu Wei (SMZB)

Ingo Rohrer is the man behind Sabbel zine and the German DIY punk label Depraved and Devilish. In 2004, he released Si Dou Le’s “A Dream in our Hearts” 7” and was instrumental in hooking up SMZB with Nasty Vinyl for their 2001 “Wuhan Punk” release. For over a decade he has been a friend of punks from across Asia and South America, helping to give world-wide exposure to great music from these often under-appriciated scenes. I caught up with Ingo over email to ask him about his connection to China, his anthropological research in SE Asia and Depraved and Devilish’s plans for the future.

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Shock & Awe!

Genjing Records is now distroing “Shock & Awe” zine! Based in Kuala Lumpur, “Shock & Awe” is a quarterly zine produced by the Knot Collective and dedicated to the regional DIY punk scene. S&A boasts professional layout and is loaded with columns, interviews and reviews, making it a valuable resource for anyone interested in the Malaysian and greater SE Asian DIY scenes. Get your copy of Issue #04 here.