Interview with Tenzenmen

It should come as no surprise that DIY and punk circuits around the world are pretty tight knit affairs; friends, acquaintances and friends of friends trading off information and contacts for venues, promoters, distributors, labels, other bands to tour with, many of these roles being the same group of people wearing different hats. Yet of course there always people coming in and people going out; grow up, have kids, get a HD television along the length of your house or whatever it is people aspire to these days. At the same time there will always be some scene, some little nook or cranny, that isn’t on Facebook and you haven’t come across. Simply put, there is always someone new to meet.

Yet in the Pacific region there is one name that comes up again and again across scenes, and that name is tenzenmen. It’s kind of like that game with how many handshakes you are away from Kevin Bacon, except you’ve realistically got to scale it down to the DIY scene in Asia and Oceanian and it’s Shaun tenzenmen you’re after, not a high school outcast who goes and throws shapes in empty warehouses when he gets pissed.

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God Bows To Math split 7″ and China Tour

Auckland’s God Bows To Math have toured relentlessly in Australia and New Zealand playing backyards and basements, earning the respect and love of zinesters and scenesters across the region and have been hailed by Groove Guide as “the most dangerous band making the rounds on the New Zealand tour circuit.” Now they’re bringing their incinery brand of noise rock to the Middle Kingdom as they promote their new 7-inch split with Shanghai’s local DIY partisans, Pairs.

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Interview with Streets Kill Strange Animals

Since forming in 2008 Beijing’s Streets Kill Strange Animals have steadily made a name for themselves as one of the most interesting and original band’s coming out of China’s capital. Emerging at a time when all eyes were on China and the music scene was literally exploding, SKSA have proved they are in it for the long run, working on the their sound, doing regular live shows, touring, and in 2012 putting out their first full length, Plan B: Back to the Analog Time, a title that hints at the themes within (whereas lyrical content rarely deals with wild animals getting wiped out by traffic despite the band’s moniker).

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New 7″ from Streets Kill Strange Animals

We’re proud to announce the release of our latest 7” from Beijing’s acclaimed noise-rockers Streets Kill Strange Animals. Pressed on creamy white vinyl this two song single “Through” coincides with the launch of the bands 2013 China tour–a psychedelic trip through the Middle Kingdom stopping at nineteen venues across the country. Pick up your copy now and join us on this psychic journey through China’s streets with one of the countries most promising acts!

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IdleBeats’ Greatest Hits

As we count down the days to Saturday’s Underground Lovers/Dear Eloise release party and screen printing workshop, we asked IdleBeats co-founder Nini Sum to select five of the studio’s most memorable posters

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Interview with IdleBeats’ Nini Sum

Ahead of our Underground Lovers/Dear Eloise split 7” Beijing release party and screen printing workshop on Sat, Sept 28, we caught up with the co-founder of China’s first independent screen printing studio to discuss the art of print, the creative process behind their exclusive Dear Eloise poster and the joys of running a studio.

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Underground Lovers’ Vincent Giarrusso

Australian dream pop outfit Underground Lovers emerged from a long hibernation earlier this year with Weekend, their first full-length release in over a decade. Critically lauded and universally loved, the Melbourne-based pioneers are primed to leap into fall with a new split 7” on Genjing Records

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Dear Eloise / Underground Lovers split 7″

Genjing Records is proud to announce our first release for the autumn schedule, a split 7” between Beijing noise-pop duo Dear Eloise and seminal Australian indie rock outfit Underground Lovers.

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Daikaiju, the instrumental surf rock outfit who bill themselves as “premium action heroes deliver most high rocket music!” will touch down in Beijing on Fri, July 26, presumably via Air Mothra, for a pair of gigs at XP and Temple.


Genjing Records at Dusk Dalian

On Sat, June 22 we’re heading to the beach for what promises to be a unique experience: A handful of the country’s best bands performing in a distinctly different setting.

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